Patron Society

Members of the Patron Society play a vital role in the ongoing success of La Jolla Music Society by making annual contributions up to $4,999. We want to be sure that your experience as a Patron is meaningful and rewarding. In return for your generosity, you will receive many benefits and special privileges designed to bring you closer to the music you love.

Major Donor Society

There are many opportunities to make leadership gifts of $5,000 or more in support of La Jolla Music Society’s programs or special initiatives. Donors at this level enjoy privileges designed to suit their personal needs and interests, receive appropriate recognition.

Medallion Society

In 1999, the Board of Directors officially established the Medallion Society to begin to provide long-term financial stability for La Jolla Music Society. We are honored to have this special group of friends who have made a multi-year commitment to La Jolla Music Society, ensuring the artistic quality and vision we bring to the community continues to grow. Members of the Medallion Society make a minimum commitment of $5,000 a year for three years, for a total gift of $15,000.

Dance Society

Dance is expensive. It is necessary to rent the theatre for several days, even for just one performance, and the technical and stage crew requirements are considerable, and costly. As a result each dance concert requires program support to the tune of $25,000-$50,000. In order to secure the very best companies in the world; companies that are sought after by presenters for the limited number of touring dates they can fulfill, it is necessary to contact companies two, three and sometimes four years in advance of their performance. For that reason, La Jolla Music Society needs to be able to count on program support several years into the future. In order for La Jolla Music Society to be able to fulfill San Diego’s clear desire for dance and ballet performances by the very best artists from around the world, La Jolla Music Society created the Dance Society to meet the financial challenges.

Legacy Society

Music is the story of our souls and connects one generation to another. It is important that future generations be a part of our passion and creative spirit. Play a permanent role and create enduring support for La Jolla Music Society


The Legacy Society honors patrons who inform us that they have made provisions for La Jolla Music Society in their will or estate plan. In recognition of their support, members are listed in our Program Book and are invited to special social events.

La Jolla Music Society can make arrangements for many planned giving options that offer various tax advantages:

Outright Gifts

    • Outright Legacy gifts of $10,000 or more to one of the Society’s endowment funds will provide immediate benefits for us and tax-saving benefits for you.


    • Making a bequest in your will or trust for La Jolla Music Society is an ideal way to make a significant gift but retain the use of your assets during your lifetime. You can bequeath a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a residual value after other gifts have been satisfied.

Beneficiary Designations

    • Naming La Jolla Music Society as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, annuity, or retirement plan is a great way to eliminate substantial estate and income tax on these assets at the time of your death.

Income Producing Gifts

    • Charitable Gift Annuities, Pooled Income Funds, and Charitable Remainder Trusts are planned giving strategies that provide income for you and/or loved ones. These techniques are also excellent tools for reducing income tax and reducing or eliminating estate tax.

Charitable Lead Trusts

    • Transferring assets to a trust that pays a yearly income to La Jolla Music Society for a specified number of years, and then returns the assets to you or your designated beneficiaries. The trust assets will not be included in your estate, providing income, gift and estate tax benefits.

Gifts of Real Property

    Donate your home or other real estate to La Jolla Music Society and receive immediate tax benefits, even if you continue to live in your home. This keeps the property out of your taxable estate.